High school

The British American Institute has been organizing educational experiences for children, teens and adults for 25 years.

Our goal is to facilitate language learning through immersion and cultural exchange which makes for an enriching experience in every sense.

Our professional and personalized treatment allows our staff to understand firsthand each students´ needs as well as their families in order to offer the best possible academic experience abroad.

Why study abroad?

  • A completely unforgettable and enriching experience for the student and furthermore, they are placed in the equivalent grade that they would be doing here.
  • The most efficient and effective way to learn English. This consists of a complete cultural and linguistic immersion. Classes are taught in English and students are immersed in the language 24 hours a day.
  • Personal growth and maturity. Students learn to be more independent, to live with people of different cultures, to take on more responsibilities, to develop their ability to adapt and to learn values such as respect and tolerance.
  • Added value to your academic curriculum.

Steps to follow:


Through a series of interviews and briefings, we get to know the detailed expectations of the student and their family.

We have a wide variety of options to suit every kind of student profile: short stays of one trimester, one semester or one full school year. We will help you choose the best option for a study abroad program that is both educational and personal.


Every program has different requirements, so before registering, it is necessary to conduct an English level test and send the student’s transcript (from the last 3 courses).


Once you have decided to enroll in the program, and taking into account the information provided in the previous steps, it is time to choose the right destination for the student and register using the given form.


At this stage, we begin managing the documentation with the destination country by completing and delivering all the forms for each program including: personal data, passport, medical reports, letters of recommendation, legal consent…


At this stage, we find out the specifics about the school and accommodation. This information takes more or less time, which is dependent on the type of program chosen.

We remain in constant contact at all times with the student and family, informing them and advising them at every step.

It is extremely important that the student is prepared to study in another country and in another language, and that they understand the rules, customs and culture that goes with an experience of this type. To this end, we offer all the necessary information to ensure that the student will adapt quickly.

This is also the stage in which we help the family to arrange a visa (if necessary) and the purchase of flights to the destination country.


During the stay, we carefully track both the adaptation and student school performance, keeping in close contact with the natural family, the host family, the school and the student.

We treat each and every student like part of the family.


It is essential that the course done abroad be convalidated in the Spanish educational system. The British American Institute will manage the necessary paperwork to convalidate the grades:

  • Help in choosing the courses
  • Processing academic records both abroad and in the Ministry of Education.

Keep in mind that stays which last fewer than 10 months (full year) are not convalidated in any country. In these cases, we recommend talking to the students´ local school here, who will decide the process to follow to continue their education upon returning.